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A student, Tech Enthusiast, Graphic Designer, Marvel Fanatic

For a few, it may sound weird. For others, it may even make them think whether the writer of this article was okay. So would I, a couple of months ago. But as I had nothing better to do, I gave it a go. Maybe I would switch back to the traditional layout again. The thing is, I never did. I fell in love with essentially a bunch of pixels vertically stacked on the left of my computer screen, it felt needless to switch back. This is why:


I bought the Pixel 4A 5g, as my older Moto G5S Plus was on its end points. The phone stuttered with day-today tasks and was 4 years late on the latest software.

Credits: Google

Personally speaking, there are 5 things in a phone that stand out for me (in no particular order): the camera, the screen, the overall experience and the battery. Google nails all these pillars not towards the left nor towards the right, in the middle, at the safe point. This phrase itself is a great metaphor for this device, it is a great safe, no-bet smartphone with nothing that…

Credits: Brave

Browsers are one of the biggest, if not the biggest applications used on our day-to-day machines: laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, etc. They are lightweight, can temporarily run several other apps online without having to download heavy files and of course, give us a path to entertainment while being stuck at home.

I am new to the laptop game. Having switched to a newer, more efficient machine running Windows 10 eight months ago, I didn’t think I would master the art of using a laptop efficiently this fast. However, after all this time, surfing the web, looking for “tips, tricks, customization, and hacks” to my machine, I came down to an organized way to run my laptop.

The Desktop

The desktop is the first thing you…

The coronavirus has surely earned its place amongst every major world pandemic. After a rather fast growth rate of patients in hospitals, the virus has also had us shut in our houses, staying away from each other, thus trying to prevent the disease.

But what else has the virus caused? Virtual classrooms, check! Work from home, check! Less pollution caused due to traffic, check!

The coronavirus has forced us into houses so much, that we have eventually found a way to work, a way to spend significantly larger amount of time with out family. The virus has caused the human…

A few months ago, in my previous article, I mentioned that I shifted to Windows 10 on rather modern PC from a bulky Windows 7 laptop after 5 years of it (Windows 10) being launched. There were endless pros to this new operating system, and all these I explained in that article.

However, presently, after about 5 months of using this as my main computer, I have come to a conclusion. — Creativity thrives on scarcity. Let me explain.

When I used that bulky machine as my only writing tool, I had so little time to waste to explore any…

In my previous article, I talked about why I believe Gimp is one of the superior alternatives (read: free and good) to Photoshop. What I did not mention was that I had been using the software for over 8 months and grew highly fond of it.

As a beginner, my edits were, well, not that good.

For example:

As you can easily see, I had no idea of color grading, adjusting highlights, shadows, nothing at all. In fact, all I knew to do was replace the background. I did not keep in mind the perspective, depth-of-field, nothing of that sort.

So I had been searching for a free photo editing program, similar to Photoshop, since quite a long time. I did find some pretty good ones, like Raw Therapy and Pixlr, and none of them actually were that good. And that was when I found Gimp.

Gimp is currently, not only in mine, but also in many others’ opinion, the best alternative to Photoshop. It is completely free and supports a lot of GOOD third-party plugins like G’MIC QT and Darktable, which I will be talking about later.

The GIMP main screen

As you can see, the application does its best to look as…

I had my first laptop when around 11 years old. The reason I called it “my” laptop was because my dad had finally bought a newer machine after around 8 years of using the past one. Before that, it was the “family” laptop. Now, it was only mine. This laptop, the one I got, was the Dell Inspiron N5010 and the day we got, it was amazing. Although, it was really heavy and really thick and lagged a LOT after the 8 years, I was really glad to get something like that. …


Podcasts are now becoming one of the best ways one spends time, next to listening to music. And in 2019, there are plenty of podcasts one can listen to. However, having access to them requires installing an app. Of course, on the internet, there are plenty of apps for podcasts, but my favorite one has always been the Google Podcasts. For some reason, I didn’t feel the need to waste space on my phone for installing an app, so I started searching for alternative, lite files I could use. Luckily, I stumbled across a brilliant way…

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