A Student, Tech Enthusiast, Graphic Designer, Marvel Fanatic

Recently, I got into wireless earbuds, and not to lie, mostly just for the feeling of owning them. I didn’t expect them to have tremendous audio quality. Nor did I expect to use them at all, after all, most of what I do involves sitting at a desk and not…

People take notes for different reasons - some do it for studying, some for work, and others simply to stay organized. A good note-taking app can make life exponentially simpler and can help keep things out of your mind, if you use it as a diary, a journal, or as…

I bought the Pixel 4A 5g, as my older Moto G5S Plus was on its end points. The phone stuttered with day-today tasks and was 4 years late on the latest software.

Credits: Google

Personally speaking, there are 5 things in a phone that stand out for me (in no particular order)…

Veer Sheth

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