Creativity thrives on scarcity

A few months ago, in my previous article, I mentioned that I shifted to Windows 10 on rather modern PC from a bulky Windows 7 laptop after 5 years of it (Windows 10) being launched. There were endless pros to this new operating system, and all these I explained in that article.

However, presently, after about 5 months of using this as my main computer, I have come to a conclusion. — Creativity thrives on scarcity. Let me explain.

When I used that bulky machine as my only writing tool, I had so little time to waste to explore any other things. All I focused on was writing, writing and writing. Not many applications even supported that older operating system, and even if they did, I doubt if my machine could have handle all that extra power the programs needed. I even dared to try to edit a whole video on ShotCut on that laptop, and I failed, my machine could just not cope up with that.

So all I could really do was writing on medium, and light editing on Gimp, but mostly writing on Medium. Because I was restrained to that I was able to put more time and more effort into writing and less time on something else.

Now that I have a newer Windows machine, I have the advantage of having a wider range of supported applications and software, whilst also having a major disadvantage of not being able to focus on one thing at a time. Being able to multitask this much has led my attention span to dither. And now with quarantine affecting us this much, and virtual meetings becoming a major thing in our lives, I find it extremely difficult to focus to study and focus on the class. I find myself struggling not to open the web browser to see what videos are trending, or skim through articles titles on Medium, which would obviously not have happened if did use a machine which would take ten seconds to open the browser itself.

To be fair, there are instances where having the ability of being able to multitask seamlessly has helped me quite a lot. Having more RAM obviously has quite a lot benefits, but on the other hand, it does seem to be just as distracting. It does not constrain myself to one job only, and rather, allows me to have short bursts of procrastination while I work.



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