Every positive way the virus is affecting us

The coronavirus has surely earned its place amongst every major world pandemic. After a rather fast growth rate of patients in hospitals, the virus has also had us shut in our houses, staying away from each other, thus trying to prevent the disease.

But what else has the virus caused? Virtual classrooms, check! Work from home, check! Less pollution caused due to traffic, check!

The coronavirus has forced us into houses so much, that we have eventually found a way to work, a way to spend significantly larger amount of time with out family. The virus has caused the human race to evolve, not physically, but mentally. We have long strayed away from the times when we thought that working from home way was too difficult to pursue as an everyday career.

Working from from home has lead us to spend less time travelling by cars, or by any vehicles, thus significantly reducing both sound and air pollution. Reducing air pollution has also led us to (sort of) recover from the massive, destructive Australia wildfires we had before.

By not whiling away both, time and money on movie theatres and other forms of entertainment, we even have learnt to entertain ourselves by doing all that we can, from inside our houses. Many people have developed new hobbies to pass time at home. I, for once, have again, started drawing — on paper.

We have even learnt to embrace virtual meetings and classrooms, and even if they seem to allow your attention to dither, they still seem to work, and have now given us enough practice to learn to work if something similar to this pandemic or a holiday falls on an important day of work. By losing the excuse of ‘leaving homework at home’, we have gained an increase in productivity.

As for creators, the virus has simply provided them with a challenge of creating the best of their field, all from their home. Getting stuck at home has been no excuse for photographers and filmmakers as they continue to use their creativity to their full potential to make the most out of the current situation, which simply happens to be thing every single one of us should be following-

The virus has surely been a major problem for most of us, but also gives each one of us a chance to fine tune skills, or get rid of habits of no real use to us and to start ones which do.

A student, Tech Enthusiast, Graphic Designer, Marvel Fanatic