A Student, Tech Enthusiast, Graphic Designer, Marvel Fanatic


  • Kazuya


  • Youssef Helioui

    Youssef Helioui

  • Richard


  • N.C.R.


    Hi! My name is NCR, well that is not my real name. I love writing about tech and sharing bright thoughts!

  • Will J Murphy

    Will J Murphy

    I write on how tech can help us do things we wouldn’t normally be able to and have fun too. I was in Telco, and I develop apps. I enjoy photography. I’ve a MBA.

  • John Russell Adams, Jr., M.A.

    John Russell Adams, Jr., M.A.

    Former corporate guy turned into nonprofit geek. Trying to be my authentic, best-self. Interested in recovery, social justice, tech & yes, over-thinking things…

  • hasmukh daftary

    hasmukh daftary

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