In my previous article, I talked about why I believe Gimp is one of the superior alternatives (read: free and good) to Photoshop. What I did not mention was that I had been using the software for over 8 months and grew highly fond of it.

As a beginner, my edits were, well, not that good.

For example:

As you can easily see, I had no idea of color grading, adjusting highlights, shadows, nothing at all. In fact, all I knew to do was replace the background. I did not keep in mind the perspective, depth-of-field, nothing of that sort.

However, after using the software for a long time, I seemed to better understand it. I naturally used YouTube to guide and did find a handful of good channels giving me plenty of help for Gimp such as Davies Media Design and Logos by Nick. However, since there were only a handful of such channels, I had to learn plenty of things by myself — that is, by starting watching tutorials on the direct competitor of this underrated software.

I started watching Photoshop tutorials on YouTube even though I didn’t even use the software. Eventually, I ended up translating a lot of the Photoshop terminology to what Gimp used.

Soon, I started posting my edits to Instagram where I gained a bit of publicity. After a few moths of practicing Gimp, I even started my own YouTube channel where I posted the Speed Art, which is, the sped up recording of my edits. My audience was, and still is, pretty small.

But I had devoted so many months into learning Gimp, I actually ended up getting really good at it, at least, better than I was before. As time passed, I watched more tutorials and eventually was able to myself figure out creatives ways to achieve certain effects. As you saw above, my edits were really bad. But now,

I improved significantly. I wouldn’t say my edits were out of this world, but hey, at least I was better. I still am learning the software to see how good I can really get at it and how good of edits I can make without purchasing premium software. I felt in love with making a photo dramatic, making it surreal, making it much more pleasing to look. I don’t go to art school, nor do I subscribe to paid courses online, I watch something anyone who can read this can do.

I still lack in a lot of theory, color grading, for example. I simply do not understand how colors compliment each other, or don’t. This is why I created the simplest “portfolio” there could be, an Instagram account. I do not archive old posts, this is a way for me to log my improvements over time, to which in the future, thankfully, I can look back and see.

Some good channels to learn from are Benny Productions, Piximperfect, Davies Media Design, Logos by Nick, and countless others.

A student, Tech Enthusiast, Graphic Designer, Marvel Fanatic

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