The best of Tech Giants

In this Article, we shall be discussing about the brief history of tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Nokia, Google and Microsoft.

  • Apple

Currently, Apple is 42 years old. Released on April 1st, 1976, Apple 1, Apple’s first computer, blew minds as it was one of the world’s first low-cost, assembled computer. Apple has grown a lot since then. Although the Apple 1s are not in fashion now, Apple still makes, probably, the best home computers—iMacs and also laptops— MacBooks. The iPhones are also one of the most popular mobile phones in the market right now.

Apple 1
iMac pro
  • Amazon

When Amazon was launched in 1995, it was only an online bookstore and Jeff Bezos probably didn’t have an idea of what the company might become in the future, or did he? From the start, Jeff Bezos wanted Amazon to be an ‘everything store’. And so it is! Amazon is the top paid online supermarket and is now trying to get in the IOT too. After releasing Echo, Amazon has made a huge profit. Also speaking of which, Jeff Bezos is currently the world’s richest man.

Amazon’s homepage then
Amazon’s homepage now
  • Nokia

Nokia is the “grandfather” of most of the mobile phones we see today. Although it is not currently that big of a tech giant, it was one of the largest in the ’90s. Nokia-Mobira Oy was the first portable phone introduced by Nokia and it blew minds. At that time, it was certainly a flaghship — with NMT 900 and being one of the first portable, handheld phones, people were crazy over this thing. And even being so old, Nokia still makes almost stock android flagships which are amazing.

Nokia Mobira Oy
Nokia 6.1
  • Google

Google, Google, Google… What do we know about it? Google was introduced 20 years ago on September 4th, 1998, mainly for web surfing as a search engine. Slowly but steadily, it started conquering on various fields. And when it bought Android in September, 2008, things started changing. Since Android was customizable, people started preferring it over its rivals (Apple and Symbian, for example). Then, Google introduced the Nexus and the Pixel phones, thus getting into the mobile market. Google is a great software company and most mobiles nowadays have Google apps built into them. Maps, Assistant and Wallpapers are just a few to name.

The Google homepage then
The Google homepage now
  • Microsoft

Microsoft is known since many years for making the Windows operating system. It is one of the most successful tech giants in the world competing against Apple in the desktop criteria. The first Microsoft Windows OS wasn’t as successive but after Windows 3.0 was introduced, Windows became more and more popular. And after years of evolution, when Windows 10 was launched, it caused a big stir in the world.

Windows 3.0
Windows 10

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