The reason not upgrading straight away is actually good

I had my first laptop when around 11 years old. The reason I called it “my” laptop was because my dad had finally bought a newer machine after around 8 years of using the past one. Before that, it was the “family” laptop. Now, it was only mine. This laptop, the one I got, was the Dell Inspiron N5010 and the day we got, it was amazing. Although, it was really heavy and really thick and lagged a LOT after the 8 years, I was really glad to get something like that. I wouldn’t say that I used the laptop to its full potential, but I did use it a lot.

Dell Inspiron N5010. Credits:

The last update it got was Windows 7 Home, and it didn’t bug me that much when I realized that Windows 10 was already out and my PC wasn’t getting it. I used the laptop for a lot of things including photo editing on Gimp, writing on Medium and some light coding on Arduino and Scratch.

A month ago, after 2 years of using it, we purchased another laptop, the HP CR1005TU. This wasn’t a very well-known laptop and there were hardly any reviews about it. However, the reason I was so pumped about this laptop was because it was going to be solely MINE. The day it arrived, I was just amazed at how much Windows 10 had to offer more than Windows 7.

HP CR1005TU. Credits: HP store

The major change I noticed straight away was all the animations- when opening the Start menu, when opening the Control Center and when opening any application or file. This made using the laptop much more smooth. Since I was much behind the times, the new faster chipset, the extra RAM, the Windows-precision-trackpad, USB 3.0 and USB-C all felt so, futuristic, to me.

I could possibly have got the Windows 10 machine from the start, however, the choice of sticking with my old computer until I could no longer use it actually made me feel more satisfied with the newer PC.

Buy the HP 14s CR1005TU-

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